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I think we have what we need, even if Hester goes back to being a specialist. Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox and Devin Aromashadu have plenty of talent and could do big things, not to mention Greg Olsen.

We needed a stronger second RB, I don't think Forte could carry the same load he did in his first year.

If you watch Cutler, most of his faults were that he made bad deciscions under the circumstances of a weak offensive line. We had a couple of rookies last year that performed like rookies but should come back stronger with experience. The new TE is a much better blocker and should be splitting reps with Olsen. Mike Tice, a former head coach, is coming in as an offensive line coach. All of this will bolster the line, I would guarentee a significant improvement in Cutler's performance.

After everything was said and done, Pace only cost $6 million, which looks like a steal compared to Barry Zito.

Put it all in a blender, let it gel for 21-33 months and a Super Bowl win doesn't sound crazy.

WHEW. Sorry for the Maiden33-esque reply but that's all I've got til August.
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