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Megadeth -- Calgary, AB -- March 6th, 2010

Toxic Waltz

Exodus was very disappointing. I could not hear their songs well, only the overly loud drums. It was just a wall of noise to me. That's too bad, because when I saw them earlier in February, they slayed. They played all their good songs and put up a great performance, and I could actually recognize. I didn't recognize most of the songs they performed last night, but that's probably because I'm not very familiar with newer Exodus.

Over the Wall
The Haunting
Burnt Offerings
Raging Waters
First Strike Is Deadly
Do or Die
Alone in the Dark
Apocalyptic City

Testament was fantastic. I loved their performance, and they shook the whole crowd. I was saddened that they didn't play some of their other classics like Into the Pit, Disciples of the Watch, and the Preacher. Oh well, they played their best album in it's entirety. The lead singer is super cool, he was playing air guitar with his mic.

Set The World Afire
Wake Up Dead
In My Darkest Hour
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Hangar 18
Take No Prisoners
Five Magics
Poison Was The Cure
Tornado Of Souls
Dawn Patrol
Rust In Peace...Polaris
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars [Reprise] - They re-played part of the song, the solo until the end. That's very bizarre, I know.

Well, what can I say? Megadeth was simply epochal. It was my first time seeing them, and they just blew my expectations. The whole band was so energetic, and the sound was pristine. Dave's vocals were difficult to hear though. This is the best Megadeth setlist I have ever seen. If they replaced Set the World Afire and In My Darkest Hour with Skin 'o My Teeth and Rattlehead and they added Devil's Island, it would be my perfect Megadeth set list. It was Chris Broderick's birthday yesterday, which I wasn't aware of, and they briefly celebrated on stage by lightning candles on a big ass chocolate cake...and then...they decided to throw it in the middle of the crowd. I feel bad for the dude or chick who got chocolate cake on them. There were a lot of people at this show...way too many. I could barely was nowhere as bad during the Arch Enemy show. I think that big bands like 'deth should play in larger venues, or the big venues where there are seats available.

So there you have it. Except Exodus, it was a great night.
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