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I was there last night too. I got there last so I missed Lazarus AD and Evile.

Natchmystium was pretty good, I missed them when they toured with Marduk so I'm glad I got to see them this time around. 7.5/10
Your True Enemy
Ghosts of Grace
Life of Fire
Hellish Overdose

Voivod was amazing they easily stole the show, last time I saw them was Ozzfest 2003 so I'm so glad that I finally got to see them play a longer set. Set is complete but may be slightly out of order. 9/10
The Unknown Knows
Ripping Headache
Tribal Convictions
Global Warning
Missing Sequences
Astronomy Domine

Honestly, Kreator was fun but to me they were just generic 80's thrash metal. Bands like Testmanet, Slayer, Exodus, etc can do that a millions time better. 4/10
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