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Kittie -- Montreal, Quebec -- March 4th, 2010

I unfortunately missed the three opening local bands (Camalus, The Catalyst and Avery's Descent). Anyway, it was an awesome show. At some point, some guy got on the stage and tried to kiss Morgan Lander for Kittie, but she kicked him in the balls, lol.

Icarus Lives
The Walk

God Forbid

The End of the World
Chains of Humanity
War of Attrition
Mouth for War (Pantera Cover)
The Rain
Bat the Angels
To The Fallen Hero


Kingdom Come (Intro)
My Plague
Cut Throat
Flower Of Flesh And Blood
Never Again
Pussy Sugar
Burning Bridges
What I Always Wanted
Die My Darling
Whiskey Love Song
Sorrow I Know
Look So Pretty
Forgive & Forget
8/6 - SubRosa
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