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Black Label Society -- Allentown, Pa -- March 31st, 2005

Oh my fucking god!! I am still recovering from the show!! Me and my buddy got to Croc Rock about 6:00 and we waited in line. There was about 10 people in front of us. We talked with some kick ass SDMFs in front and back of us..all cool fucking people. Once we finally got in we got as close to the stage as we could, because all the 21 year olds got in first. After what took forever we got the first act....this guy (I didn't catch his name) who played a tribute to Dimebag. He played a shitload of Pantera songs on his guitar. People were going crazy. He played for like...10 minutes or so. Then after ANOTHER eternity, the second band....Meldrum came on. They weren't too bad. The singer and bass player were fucking hot! They were an ok band, not really my style though. They reminded me of Kittie alittle bit. Dunno why?

Then after ANOTHER fucking eternity....Patsy Cline's "Crazy" hit the PA...followed by the Godfather theme. Then the sirens and the lights....and then came the man!! Zakk finally hit the stage. Starting off with a kick ass solo and straight into "Stoned & Drunk". All the SDMF's went fucking ape shit!! Zakk played for two hours with a small acoustic set in the middle. After the show we waited by his bus to see if we could meet him, but us both being tired, and knowing we had to be up early for work, we left. Such a good fucking show!! I cant wait to see BLS again at Ozzfest!!


Intro (Pattsy Cline's "Crazy" and the Godfather theme over the pa)
Stoned & Drunk
Destruction Overdrive
Been A Long Time
Iron Man/Funeral Bell
Suffering Overdue
In This River
Suicide Messiah
Demise Of Sanity
Spread Your Wings
Diary of a Madman/Mama, I'm coming Home (accoustic medley).
Spoke in the Wheel (full band 3/4 through)
Fire it Up
Genocide Junkies
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