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Burning at the Stake -- Boyle Heights, CA -- February 27th, 2010

I arrived at the Blvd. in Boyle Heights around 6:45. The place was supposed to open at 7 and the first band was supposed to go on at 7:30, but everything got pushed back an hour.

The first band Apocalypsis, went on at 8:30. They were really melodic but weren't quite my cup of tea. They were all very talented though, and played a really good cover of Fear of the Dark to end their set, despite missing their singer.

The next band was Obscene Carnage. They were fun to watch, weren't anything unique though.

Then the band I went to see played, Burning at the Stake. Despite some technical difficulties with Mike's guitar, they played a really good show. If the crowd participated it would've been a lot more fun, though.

I believe their setlist was something like this:

Mangled Among the Heathens
A Prevalent Desolusion
(New Song)
Nefarious Campaign
Premeditated Trance
Death is a Chance Taken
When You Die Nothing Happens

Next, Arkaik performed. They're really awesome, and they're all really talented, especially their drummer and vocalist. They put on a kickass show, but once again, it would've been a lot more fun with some crowd participation.

After their set I had to leave. It was my curfew.

It sucked because I really wanted to stick around and show some support for Reciprocal and Crematorium.

Overall this was a fun show, because the bands that played were all really fun to watch. I bought an awesome shirt from Crematorium for only $2!
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