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Poster on metalsucks:

Hey, I was there and it was totally nuts.

First the UNO thing happened and then it went outside but thatís not where it ended.

Apparently the drummer for Rose Funeral knows some people in the area and called them. A few minutes later gangs of skinheads raided the club with katanas. They destroyed anything and everyone that stood in thier way.

Luckily, I and a few other 15 year olds were able to form a shield over ourselves with tables (I totally learned that from 300).

We started inching out of the club turtle style all the way stepping over bodies of our friends and pools of blood and teeth.

We made it outside finally and Rose Funeral were outside with guns shooting at cars driving by and molesting kids from park nearby. The singer was sodomizing a 6 year old with the barrel of his gun it was nuts man.

Anyway, we managed to get around them. We watched from a safe place as the SWAT team came and started launching an attack on the club. The fighting went into the night and the club caught fire and collapsed. It was insane but some of us survived at least.

I heard the Rose Funeral did that at least 12 other times in other clubs and got banned for it. :/

I hear that they are working with Chinese hackers to destroy Youtube now.

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