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Originally Posted by SerpentineVIVIVI View Post

I meant 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 thus far (which has already produced a lot of albums for me, I've heard 14 already).

And I'm still not sure I'd say Twist is really GREAT. It's very, very good. But it's honestly my least favorite Blind Guardian record aside from the first two. Probably anyway. I just meant it's been 4+ years since anything has been produce that could even fathomably have a shot at a top 20-30 for the genre overall.

I just don't think any bands are producing their best work. Everyone's either already crappy, sliding downward, stagnating, or merely maintaining solid work. Blind Guardian are kinda hard to peg, because they don't produce an album more often than every 4 years. It's hard to peg a trend.
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