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Made In Iron -- Allentown, PA -- February 20th, 2010

This was technically my band's last show ever - but it was just my sister and I playing acoustic, due to lack of an actual band. Our set list was supposed to include two more songs, but we cut them because it just wasn't going that great and crowd response was honestly pretty dismal.

Necromance set list: Ain't No Stranger (Whitesnake)
02.Showdown (The Snakes)
03.Tears of the Dragon (Bruce Dickinson)
04.Solitary Shell (Dream Theater)
05.Sailing Ships (Whitesnake)
06.The Spirit (Magnum) (Edguy's arrangement)
07.Goldilox (King's X)
08.This Time (Machines of Grace)
09.Hands of Time (Primal Fear)

Sinister Realm played after us - and they are a pretty kickass traditional heavy metal band, probably the best thing this area has to offer as far as original music goes right now. We only ever got to play with them once as a full band, but they're really cool guys.

Then the headliner was Made In Iron, our area's newly-formed Iron Maiden tribute band. Their set featured a song or two they haven't performed before, and this was only their fourth show ever - but they've been getting consistently better. During the second set, my sister and I joined them onstage for a couple of songs - making it a 3-guitar, 2-singer affair. It was tons of fun and though it wasn't a big crowd, they were really, really into it. It was an excellent way to reverse the mediocre/depressing feelings of our own set.

Made In Iron:
01.The Ides of March
03.Another life
04.Innocent Exile
05.Ghengis Khan
07.Number of the Beast
09.Murders in the Rue Morgue
11.The Wicker Man
12.Aces High
13.Where Eagles Dare
14.Remember Tomorrow
15.Hallowed Be Thy Name
16.The Prisoner (Me on guest guitar)
17.Wasted Years (Me on guest guitar, my sister on guest vocals)
18.The Trooper (Me on guest guitar, my sister on guest vocals)
20.Iron Maiden
21.2 Minutes to Midnight
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