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Nile -- Raleigh, NC -- February 19th, 2010

@ Volume 11

After waiting half an hour outside the venue and chatted with some metalheads about how to pronounce band names like "Chthonic" and "Krisiun", they let us in.

Rose Funeral was first, and just as I expected, they fucking blew. Other than a few scenefags who showed up to punch and kick the air, the crowd was mostly against them, as they got little response from the crowd. They didn't belong here at all. It was funny watching the fellow metalheads run into the pit and bowl over the hardcore dancers though

Next was Dreaming Dead. Now THIS is more like it! Elizabeth and Laura, while also managing to look sexy as hell onstage, commanded their axes like true shredders. The entire venue was trapped in a storm of the razor sharp riffs and melodic solos that they unleashed on the audience. The entire crowd was really into their performance and they interacted with the crowd nicely. I'd love to see them again!

Krisiun were next, and I have heard about how brutal they are live, but NOTHING prepared me for what they had in store. In addition to hearing Moyses warm up with some old school metal like Metallica and Accept, as well as seeing Max tear his fucking kit to pieces, they also boasted a very brutal pit, and I think it was a tie between them and Nile for who had the most violent pit. It made me really happy to fucking hear "Murderer" live as well

Immolation are probably the reason I can hardly fucking hear right now. I pretty much stood right in front of Bob Vigna the entire time they were on stage, just so I could hear his warped, twisted riffs being played right in front of my face. They played the familiar stuff like "Passion Kill" and "Father You're Not A Father", as well as some stuff from the new record. They got old school with "Burial Ground", but they stated that they had some extra time on their set, which always kicks ass. Then they shocked the hell out of me when they played "I Feel Nothing". This song sounds fucking ACE live

Finally, the band everyone was here for: Nile. Holy fuck did they destroy. Definitely the best performance out of all the bands. It took them a hell of a while to set up their stage (partially due to the fact that there was a leak in the ceiling), but fuck was it worth it. There was much moshing, crowd surfing, and all out mayhem during their set. The whole crowd was chanting to all of their songs, not to mention the band was really into what they were doing. One of those scene kids tried to hardcore dance during their set, which led to him getting bowled over by an entire crowd of metal fans. Nile completely slayed. Their setlist was the only one I remember all the way so here it is:

Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Hittite Dung Incantation
Serpent Headed Mask
Execretion Text
4th Arra of Dagon
Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld
Lashed to the Slave Stick
Cast Down the Heretic
Black Seeds of Vengeance

It was one of the best shows i've been to. I met Bob Vigna and Ross Dolan, and I met Elizabeth, complimenting them on their sound. She shook my hand and said they would come back in the fall, as well as autographing my Dreaming Dead shirt. I bought a shirt from everyone except Rose Funeral, who tried to get me to buy a copy of their CD for 5 bucks. I told them I was broke, then I went to the table right next to theirs and bought a Nile shirt . Turns out they weren't able to sell a single copy of their album the entire night. Serves them right
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