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some more stuff i found out.

- medics are now dropships
- zerg nydus tunnels can burrow out anywhere on the map now as long as the location is currently visible (doesnt need to be on the creep) and starts spawning creep once it pops out
- hydralisks are now considered an advanced unit instead of basic
- you can build an addon for factories, barracks and starports that let you make 2 units at once
- protoss dropships can act as pylons when needed
- the terran command center can be equiped with a turret and can now carry SCV's when flying
- supply depots can retract into the ground so you can walk over them or use them as walls
- no more infested command centers. you can infest any individual unit but it only lasts for 10 seconds
- whenever someone looses they immediately go into the beta forums and cry that "x unit is OP"
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