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I know by now you all know the story, but reading Stephen's version made me laugh, so I share it with you.

The Uno debacle, according to Stephen (The Pantangler)

It was Friday night, and me and my friends were going to the Nile show. Rose fUNOral were added at the last minute much to me and my friend's disappointment. We decided to make the best of it. Mike and a few others had exchanged harsh words with rose funeral on YouTube in the comments section below a video of their last visit to Tulsa, and RF wanted to "take it outside". Mike had the great idea to play UNO during their set while standing in the front row. GREAT IDEA! The first band came on, a local band called "Inoperable", and they were excellent. ( Check them out ). RF started setting up, so i put in my ear plugs and mike whipped out the UNO deck. We played about 1 1/2 games. Leah won, but I'm pretty sure she cheated. =P I thought that would be it, but then I heard the second gayest statement I've ever heard, trumped only by "I like going ass to mouth with my domestic partner while we shop for drapes in the IKEA catalog and watch Queer Eye, the guitarist (and I use that term loosely), hereafter referred to as "Butthole Ears" or "BE" for short, says "Are you the one who was talking shit on YouTube?", accusing one of my other friends, Ronnie. (On a side note, starting any conversation with the previous statement automatically voids any argument that follows.) Mike said it was him, and BE got all uppity and started yelling something about how we should take it outside, Mike responded by saying the he would rather stay and watch the good bands. BE spits at Mike, Mike spits back, this attracts the attention of the drummer, hereafter referred to as "White Guys Shouldn't Have Dreads, Pierced Nipples, or Do Meth" or "WGSHDPNDM". WGSHDPNDM proceeds to talk shit, while one of the other bands members who is fat and should NOT wear tight tshirts, came over to see what was going on. Shortly after BE and WGSHDPNDM came down off the stage, nearly trampling Leah, and tried to throw some sucker punches. Unbeknownst to us, the merch guy "Gutless Bastard Who Should Die a Slow and Agonizing Death" , had snuck up behind us, and sucker-punched mike in the back of the head, this was broken up relatively quickly, and I give HUGE props to the guy who works at the venue, he wasn't a big guy, but he tried his damnedest to keep the peace. A little later, BE and WGSHDPNDM, not sensing that everyone in existence, except for fifteen year olds who hate their parents and cut themselves, wanted them to die in a fire, decided to come back to try to start shit again. Without warning, one of them punches Ronnie in the face. Ronnie is 17. Those spineless, pathetic excuses for musicians and people, singled out the youngest one of us and hit him. They are DAMN lucky the police didn't get involved. Assaulting a minor is SERIOUS jail time. On top of all the other bullshit that happened, to the disappointment of all of us, and even the guys that worked at the venue, the Tour manager got Ronnie kicked out. Take a minute and let that sink in. The kid who did absolutely nothing, who got singled out and assaulted by gutless deathcore faggots, got kicked out. Fucking weak. After that things were relatively calm, I kept looking over my shoulder for deathcore fags, but none ever came. The rest of the bands were great, Nile in particular. Karl even signed an UNO card for me, haha. From what I hear, RF is no longer welcome at the Marquee, and that's just fine with me. I hope their label drops them, and their bus drives off a ravine, or at very least, let there be an UNO game at every single one of their shows. NEVER LET THEM ESCAPE UNO
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