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Thumbs up Rammstein -- Malmö, Sweden -- February 16th, 2010

So last night it was my fourth time seeing Rammstein. Last time I saw them was in Copenhagen at the Reise Reise tour. A show that actually was kinda dull, mostly because Reise Reise was not a convincing album in my opinion.

So my expectations was low for last night since I really have no intrest in Rammstein these days. But there were many friends who were attending and the brand new arena in Malmö is very nice and not far away so attending I was.

Anyways. The show was terrific and actually better than the Mutter Tour in 2001. The stage was very cool and the EFFECTS!! was truly insane. Best part in my opinion was "Pussy" where Till Lindemann first broght out a gigant dildo and sprayed foam into the crowd, and then ended the regular set with red, yellow and black confetti.

I really recomend you to go if you have a chance to see this show.

The Setlist was as follows:

Waidmanns heil
Keine lust
Weisses fleisch
Feuer frei
Wiener blut
Frühling in Paris
Ich tu dir weh
Liebe ist für alle da
Links 2-3-4
Du hast

Encore 1
Ich will

Encore 2
1st Jun Wolves in The Throne Room
2nd Jun Rammstein, Volbeat, Slash
12th Jun Kiss
7th Aug: Maiden, Slayer

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