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I am a wussy, please don't make me pick one!

In all seriousness, when I first heard the Red Album, I didn't see what the big deal was. There were way to many soft (and boring) moments for me to hail it as the second coming of Remission era Mastodon. In fact the only reason I think I went on to buy Blue in the first place was reading a review on Blue Record with the exact same feelings as mine on Red. So I figured Blue was the better record, people were just too stupid and snooty to realize it. At first I thought Blue blew Red away, but after going back and listening to Red, I began to appreciate some of the parts that I previously thought were flaws. That and upon repeat listens of Blue, some of it's flaws become apparent. So I put them on equal footing

By the way- Subliminal mind control: the next time you hear that opening riff to Horse Called Golgotha, you will think of this:
You know its true, bunny rabbits we have got lovely little fluffy bottoms. We do. That's why people often mistake us for Danny Devito.

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