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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
They've been to Lawrence and Kansas City before and played CtS in its entirety both times. I guess I'm cool with it again, but I hope they have a big set afterwards of other material.

Me as well the only reason that CtS doesn't excite me as much live as their older material is because Brent does most of the vocals on Crack The Skye and I think Troy sounds a lot better live and is a better vocalist imo . I hope they pull out some crazy like Burning Man and hopefully they bring back Blood and Thunder.

On the subject of the touring package I am way more excited for this tour. Mainly because Mastodon and BTBAM are my two favorite bands. Plus you throw in Baroness who is also amazing. The last tour was quite good as well I mean High on Fire is another one of my faves and I dig Converge quite a bit as well but I think this lineup outdoes the last leg for sure. I am still kicking myself for not going to the last leg simply for the chance to see High On Fire.
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