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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
Dude, you totally buried the most important part of the story, WHO WON THE UNO GAME?
Shit! My bad man! Luke's girlfriend, Leah won the first game, and I think I made a mistake saying we played two and a half games. We only played one and a half, I called UNO once but then had to draw cards. Just my gosh darn tootin' luck.

EDIT: Leah made this totally sweet picture. Apparently, it's how rose funeral got their name.

EDIT AGAIN: Also, I was thinking it would be pretty funny if people here brought some Uno cards to a show where they have to sit through rose funeral, and throw them on stage while they're playing.

Also, here is that picture, mankie:

EDIT (hopefully for that last fucking time): Ronnie's mom might sue rose funeral!
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