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Originally Posted by bt11763 View Post
Waaaaaaahhh he hit someone, so fucking what? They deserved it. This is the band's livelihood, and especially for a lesser known group like Doomriders, they're flying by the seat of their pants every day.

Let's say, some guy just opened a business and a kid who was in his shop that he has never seen before decides it's a good idea to jump behind the counter and start breaking all of the equipment that he relies on to put food on the table and that he payed for out of his own pocket? Would he deserve to "die in Iraq" if he punched him in the face and threw him out of the store?

God damn this world I share with ignoramuses like you.
I think there is a difference between someone destroying a business, and a guy that was crowd surfing. If they don't like it, they should just not play heavy music. Stuff like that happens at metal shows. Playing a stage with no barricade has potential for stuff like that happening. maybe pushing the guy off the pedal board and back into the pit is ok, but punching and kicking them is never acceptable. And besides, the second guy, the one that got kicked, didn't land on any pedals from what i remember. The guitar player just flat out kicked him. And the other thing he did was 100% uncalled for. These guys were very unprofessional in their performance and they can go to hell! I stand by my initial opinions.
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