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mank - I don't think she'd be happy with me if I did that
300% - I was pretty close to that guy flipping the birds when Immolation mentioned rose funeral. I was about 4 people to the left of him. Yeah, my friend J.T. got a red 6 signed by Karl, and my friend BJ pulled a couple of cards out of his pocket when he was getting money for a Dreaming Dead shirt.
JuuKun- I agree 100%. If I was in a band and a bunch of people started playing Uno in front of me I would laugh my ass off and say something like "Dude! That was an intense game!!!! Who won?!"
mastodon- Ronnie was a good sport and and an even better friend about it. He just said "It's cool, I'll catch them next time"
Defect- I'm willing to bet they are THE biggest douche bag band
Magson - Thank you, kind sir!
brian- I wouldn't doubt it if they actually do enjoy licking their assholes. Their girlfriends are fake, ugly sluts.
Derelict- I turned 20 exactly a week ago. I'm not sure how old rose funeral are, but I doubt they care who they fuck with as long as the person isn't bigger than them. Ronnie has fucking braces. He's 17 I think.
makethemsuffer- I concur. They're definitely my personal most hated band of all time.

ALSO! Ronnie saw them putting ice on their hands. Can't have any swollen fingers to play those complicated open D breakdowns.

Oh, I've also uploaded Serpent Headed Mask to Youtube. Working on Black Seeds Of Vengeance right now. Someone uploaded the last song from rose fageral, Insanity Reigns by Dreaming Dead, and a song by Inoperable.
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