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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
I can't believe this Rose Funeral shit, it's so fucking stupid. Shit, so some people don't like your crappy band, get the hell over it. Gives me a new found type of respect for bands like Sonic Syndicate, who, when they played here with Amon Amarth a few years ago, most of the people on the floor sat down, but they shrugged it off and kept playing, didn't insult us or try to pick fights. I haven't had to see Rose Funeral yet, thankfully, but good that they're banned from the Marquee, I hope more venues follow.
Agreed, seen so many bands heckled and be true sports about it. The only bands I've seen try to challenge hecklers (ie, me) were Switchblade Symphony, and Walls of Jericho. Laaaame.

Fires - are you roughly the same age as Rose Funeral? Cause if you are much younger than them, they are even lamer than previously thought.
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