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This night went from alright to funny to shitty to bad ass to shitty to awesome.

I'm probably going to leave a few minor details out because I'm still tired and my neck hurts from the awesomeness that is Nile.

Got there about an hour and a half early with Ronnie were first in line. Talked to some guy from Thailand named Pol (Paul). He was mad about the deathcore shit we were going to have to see. My other friends showed up and Luke said we should teach him that BANGKOK joke. "Hey, guess where I'm from!" "Where?" "BANGKOK!" *dick punch*.
Got inside and noticed rose funeral wasn't on stage, instead a local band, Inoperable, was. They were alright but not too great. The bassist/vocalist is one of the ugliest, weird looking men I've ever seen. They announced their last song and I got the Uno deck out. All the booths were full of the band's merch stuff, so we decided to play right in front of stage right. We got in a circle and had one guy hold the deck with one hand and the played cards in the other. We played two and half games. At first rose funeral didn't seem to care, but then before their last song I heard the vocalist say "What is this shit?!" and they just continued on with their totally sweet breakdowns. After they were done I put the Uno deck up and the guitarist touched Ronnie's shoulder and said
"Hey are you the guy that was talking shit on Youtube?"
Ronnie: "No, that would be him" and he pointed at me
Me: "Yeah it was me, what's up?"
rose funeral drummer: "Let's go outside!"
Me: "No, I want to see these GOOD bands first"
rose funeral guitarist: "No, let's go, NOW"
Me: "No, I want to see these GOOD bands first" *guitarist spits in my face, I spit back in his*
rose funeral drummer: "Let's go outside" *takes shirt off, showing off his non muscle and flabby stomach*
rose funeral bassist: "Hey is that the guy?"
At about this time a guy who works at the venue got in between us. So it came as a surprise when I got hit in the back of the head. It made me take a step forward and then I ended up in some pussy headlock that I got out of way too easily. I didn't know this at the time, but rose funeral's merch guy was the one who hit me in the head, and the guitarist is the one that got me in a headlock. Also my friend J.T. caught the drummer as he was getting off stage and he threw him back on. I walked towards the guitarist, ready to beat the shit out of him, and another guy who worked at the venue grabbed my arm, turned me around, and dragged me to the bar area and said "Don't worry, I'm not kicking you out, I'm getting you away from those guys, I don't want you getting jumped" He then made 3 of his friends make sure I didn't walk away. They asked what was going on and I explained the whole Vader tour, Youtube shit, Uno game, and everything. They said rose funeral doesn't even belong on this tour and that the guys at the venue tried to keep them from even coming to Tulsa, but the tour manager said they had to play or some shit. This all happened extremely quickly and I don't remember much of it because I had a huge adrenaline rush and wanted to kill rose funeral with a bar stool. I guess the guys working at the venue were looking for the tour manager so I could talk to him. I guess they never found him because I never talked to him. They came back and said "You can go back up there if you want but make sure you're with some friends, take a boyfriend to the bathroom with you, and if they come at you, start swinging, we don't give a shit anymore, we're tired of these macho douche bags" So I start walking back to the front, just in time to see Ronnie get hit by someone. The drummer was choking him and BJ pulled him off. I don't know who hit him but I only saw the guitarist so I started walking towards him again, only to have the guys working there get in my way again. Ronnie said he didn't do anything, he just started getting hit and every time he turned around to see who hit him, he got hit in the back of the head again by someone else. A guy working there took Ronnie outside and some other guys took the guitarist and drummer outside. I followed thinking they were just going to let them kick Ronnie's ass but it ended up being a few guys talking to rose funeral, a few talking to Ronnie so I went back inside and laughed with my friends. After about 15 minutes Dead Dreaming had set up and Ronnie wasn't back. I found the guy who grabbed my arm and dragged me away and asked him what was going on. He said "This makes me fucking sick, I hate that it happened, but your friend got kicked out. The tour manager wants him gone, there's nothing I can do." WHAT THE FUCK! Ronnie gets hit for no fucking reason and HE GETS KICKED THE FUCK OUT?! I was pissed. I brought Ronnie to the show, I was going to have to take him home. We gave BJ money to buy us shirts and what not and we got into my car. I started it and Ronnie got out. We argued back and forth for like 30 minutes.
Me: "Get in!"
Ronnie: "No, go inside and watch Nile"
Me: "I don't even want to anymore, seriously"
Ronnie: "Bullshit, go inside"
That's pretty much the whole argument, for 30 minutes. BJ came out to my car and said "Get the fuck inside, you missed Dreaming Dead and they were fucking bad ass" So I finally gave in and went in, I felt like shit because Ronnie was just going to go to sleep in my car. I gave him the keys and told him to turn the car on if he got cold. Got inside as soon as Krisiun got done setting up and watched their bad ass set. It's funny to hear the vocalist/bassist talk because he obviously doesn't know English very well.

Kings Of Killing
Combustion Inferno
Hatred Inherit

My friend Stephen kept looking over his shoulder ever 2 or 3 minutes, said he was paranoid. I told him to stop worrying, if they were coming at us, they were going to hit me, not him. Immolation came on and everyone loved them. And I was right, they are A LOT better live than they are on album.

Passion Kill
Swarm Of Terror
? (New song)
Den Of Thieves
? (New song)
Burial Ground
World Agony

Some guy came out after Immolation's stuff was off stage and told my side of the audience (stage right) that if any idiots who think they are in the band and want to jump of the stage and end up messing up Karl's monitor, the show was over and so was the rest of the tour. Karl came out a few minutes later and told us pretty much the same thing. The guys brought that stupid plastic chain in front of us, which I guess kind of helped in the end, but if anyone really wanted to get on the stage they would have had no problem doing it. I was no where near as excited for what I was about to witness as I should have been. I couldn't stop thinking about rose funeral's cheap shotting pussy asses making Ronnie go to sleep in a fucking car while all of his friends are inside, watching one of his favorite bands. Nile came on and were fucking amazing. More than once Karl smiled at me, sang along with me, gave me the horns, and let me touch his guitars. After Serpent Headed Mask he threw a pick to me. Ithyphallic, Kafir!, Papyrus..., 4th Arra Of Dagon, Lashed To The Slave Stick, and Permitting The Noble Dead... were the highlights. Looking over and seeing my friends singing and headbanging along with you is awesome, and it only would have been better if Ronnie was inside with us. Black Seeds Of Vengeance closed the show, Karl let the crowd "play" his guitar, they thanked everyone, and left. I went out and got Ronnie and told him to put his hood on his hoodie up and come inside. Karl Sanders is a real personable guy, he shook hands, took pictures, and signed stuff. I felt bad for Pol, he got a copy of Those Whom The Gods Detest signed...with the wrapper still on it. Karl tried taking it off for him but he didn't seem to care and told him it was alright. I got a picture with him, and my camera died immediately afterward so I didn't get pictures with anyone else. Karl Sanders, Elizabeth Elliot, Ross Dolan, Robert Vigna, and Max Kolesne all signed my Valentines Day card, and thought it was hilarious. Ross drew a little heart with "666" in the middle of it. BJ and Ronnie got their cards signed as well and took pictures with Ronnie's camera. We went back to my car and this is when the night got shitty again. Apparently Ronnie forgot I gave him my keys, and we locked them in my car. It was FUCKING COLD outside.BJ, Ronnie, and I had to call 411 multiple times just to get a locksmith that would actually come open my car. I think four of them said a technician would call me, and I never got a call. Finally, after at least a fucking hour of wating we got a guy to come. We waited in a nearby bar for his call, paid him, gave him a tip, got lost because of all the dumbass construction in Tulsa, got to Ihop, stayed for at least and hour just talking. Drove home, dropped BJ and Ronnie off, went home, left my last post on here, crashed, woke up, took a shower, and now I'm typing this.

Best part of the night: Multiple people saying rose funeral needs to get over themselves and grow up and ROSE FUNERAL IS FUCKING BANNED FROM THE MARQUEE!

No more ruined fucking tours. Getting hit by a cheap shotting pussy = totally worth that piece of shit band not coming to The Marquee anymore. Ronnie agrees.

Like I said, I most likely left some details out, but if I did, they aren't very important.

Pictures and videos will be uploaded later.
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