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Nile -- Tulsa, OK -- February 12th, 2010

Thank god finally my first show of 2010!!! Thanks to Tulsa deciding to do road construction I came in for Krisun for their last 3-4 songs. Pretty pissed. Wanted to see their whole set. I was shocked at the turn out. When Napalm Death & Kataklysm were there I'm sure there might have been like 100 people. For Moonspell & Divine Heresey there was just barely more & half left when Moonspell came on. There was atleast double that many tonight. I was quite impressed. Only difference being the fact it was on a Friday I guess. Anyway... I don't know Krisun & Immolation well enough to know what was played but I'm sure it's the same that was already posted. I was quite impressed with both bands. And they got over very well with the crowd as well. Good times. I was shaking hands with the singer for Immolation & he tripped on monitor and almost landed right on me.

Finally time for Nile!!!! For some reason a very week chain guard rail was put up and in that tiny place there is NO room for a plastic chain barricade. That's my only real complaint. I only knew a small amount of Nile & didn't really know what to expect. I vaguely remember them @ Freefest a few years ago but there was a torrential downpour in KC & I don't remember much. But holy shit they were goddamn amazing tonight!!! I really think that was like a new level of heavy I don't think I've ever witnessed before. Damnthat is some setup Karl Sanders has got goin on. Don't think I've ever seen a computer monitor setup by the pedals. Whole band was amazing. I could feel the drums actually moving my pant legs. I was on side w/ bassist he was full of energy and was pretty cool. At end of show I got a setlist and got Karl to sign it!!! Pretty sure I saw Karl doin the funniest damn thing after the show. After they were done the house music was playin the Southpark "Kyle's Mom Is A Big Fat Bitch" & fuckin Karl was nailing every single word & was dancing to it. That needed to be seen to be believed. Also the bassist handed me a pick as well with Nile logo on it. Also bought tour tshirt. This is one of the coolest looking tour shirts I think I've ever seen!!! Just an amazing show!!! I sure paid for this show. Thanks to construction took me an hour to get out of Tulsa & about 20 minutes after leaving got pulled over because of a bullshit light being out by license plate. Then got to mess with fog last 30 minutes of the trip. Quite the night but well worth it.

Never saw any cops/ambulance so apparently Fires Of Sedation never got to meet up with his fav band Rose Funeral!!! Lol. Here's Niles setlist:

Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Hittite Dung Incantation
Serpent Headed Mask
Exercration Text
Papyrus Containg...
The 4th Arra of Dagon
Permitting the Noble Dead
Lashed To The Slave Stick
Cast Down The Heretic
Black Seeds Of Vengance

Thanks for reading!!!
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