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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
Because they already played the living hell out of it on the tour before American Soldier.
But there's a such thing as standards in every bands set. Not everyone has seen them, including myself, on one of the tours they did all of OMC. If someone goes to a show expecting to hear some Mindcrime stuff and they don't do anything from it, it turns fans off. It causes fans not to wanna come back to the shows again and Queensryche needs that right now. Most dedicated Queensryche fans (are there really any of those left?) may consider those songs overplayed. But the majority of fans don't see it like that. That's why I didn't see them when they toured over the summer, where they did a free concert at a local park back in July in my area. It's also why I wouldn't see them if they were to come back to my area now playing this kind of set.

People will go to shows if they know the band will be playing their more well known stuff and in the case of Mindcrime, Queensryche's best material. When you do a set like this it's a big fuck you to the fans. Mindcrime was the album that got them noticed and got fans into them. To not do anything from it, no matter how overplayed it is, is an abomination.

I hope Geoff is satisfied with the ever dwindiling fanbase the band has. Honestly, i've never heard a band go from being so good like they were from 83-94 to turning into complete crap musically like they have since then. With releasing awful material (their new one was OK though) like they have since HITNF combined with these kinda sets they're doing, they'll be lucky to have anyone left who wants to see them or get their new albums in a few years.
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