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Last night was badass!!! im all sore and shit.

Doomriders can go to hell for all i care. their music was ok at best, but the band members can die in Iraq. Someone was crowd surfing and landed on stage, and the bass player thought it was his duty to punch the guy and throw his ass back into the crowd. since when is ok to punch your fans? And the guitar player was the worst of all. Same thing happened but instead he kicked the fan in the head, and you could tell the fan felt it. Then the guitar player being the cool guy he is told him to "get the fuck off my stage". Oh and he went up to my friend and fake "skull fucked" him. Fuck those dicks!!! Plus, the guy that crowd surfed and threw up right next to me and Andrew didn't help things either.

Skeletonwitch killed though. They put on an amazing show. it was brutal being in the front row the whole time, but well worth it. they are all amazing musicians and i cannot wait to see them again. But next time they better play Baptized in Flames.
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