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So I figured its not often the Doomriders make it out west, so I swallowed my pride and asked my roommate to loan me the $4 for bus money so I could get out for this. After getting inside and suffering through 45 minutes of homo chest-beating double-bass ridden death mehtal blasting over the PA, Doomriders finally took the stage and kicked ass. Huge tone, loud, energetic, tight, and above all fun. They played a good mix of songs from the 2 albums, and people up front were really into it, as was the band. Setlist:

Heavy Lies The Crown
Come Alive
Bear Witness
The Equalizer
The Chase
Fuck This Shit
Black Thunder
Jealous God

Don't care for Skeletonwitch so I peaced out after the set with my ears ringing and head spinning. However, my night was far from over. In my post show haze/general retardation I somehow missed the stop I was supposed to get off at to transfer buses. By the time I realized and get off and ran backtracking to where I supposed to be the last bus had already come and gone. So with no money for a cab and no friends able/willing to come pick me up, one phone call for directions and nine miles on foot later here I am, exhausted. Totally worth it though
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