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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
Lol @ them trying to say it was made up. Because at the Virginia Beach show of the Vader tour, the guitarist said he was gonna jump me for saying deathcore isn't real metal. There's quite a pattern there, eh? Haha


I had a retarded Youtube comment war with ryan (scrawny guitarist) and dale (fat ass bassist) and they just kept saying I was a faggot elitist and they'd guest list me to the next show if I wanted to talk shit. They also said that dusty (stupid drummer) "punked" me because he flipped me off and I didn't retaliate because I didn't want to get kicked out and miss Decrepit Birth and Vader. So now that I have to see them in about 14 hours I'm going to play Uno with my friends until their bouncy headbanging cheerleader routine is over.
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