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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Kai nearly got a nod from me in some form. I think he's just a huge personality and important figure in the music I really love and I think he's written about 3x his share of great power metal songs. I used to not love his voice, but has time has gone on, he's still not one of my favorites, but I think his voice "FITS" Gamma Ray so unbelievably well, and truly makes them what they are. So for that, I award big points.

Alot of people think Bruce or Rob bring "opera" to metal, but I feel like Kai is literally a classically trained mezzo-soprano singer given to us by the metal gods to add some "sophistication" to heavy metal. It's pretty hilarious considering that on Walls of Jericho he sounds like a box of smashed assholes. Who knew that 10 plus years of NOT singing would make your vocal abilities grow exponentially?
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