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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Kai Hansen (1995-on)
Kai Hansen
Kai nearly got a nod from me in some form. I think he's just a huge personality and important figure in the music I really love and I think he's written about 3x his share of great power metal songs. I used to not love his voice, but has time has gone on, he's still not one of my favorites, but I think his voice "FITS" Gamma Ray so unbelievably well, and truly makes them what they are. So for that, I award big points.

Regarding Blackmore:
I can definitely see it argued from an influence/writing perspective. I think Blackmore's style of playing and writing was well ahead of his time, basically crafting what I'd consider the first couple of power metal tunes ever written. But I think as a player he's absolutely overrated. I find most of his solos to honestly be kind of embarrassing, especially because of his tone. As I said, writing-wise he was brilliant, but you had guys from the same general era that could run circles around him solo-wise.
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