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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
1) Bruce is amazing, but I can't begin to fathom how someone thinks he's the BEST singer of all-time. Favorite? Sure, that's all subjective, but I can't imagine arguing him for the best.

2) If you're gonna make a comment about Dio's voice "not being what it once was", you need to say something about Bruce as well. Granted, the Somewhere Back in Time tour was a nice step up for him, but generally in the past 10 years Bruce's voice live (and even on album, especially A Matter of life and Death) has really dropped off.

3) James labrie circa Images and Words was an absolutely amazing vocalist that totally ruled. But I think he's always been one of the worst live vocalists out there. I've never heard someone who could just sound... out of tune. He's had his ups and downs, and on Score/The Octavarium tour he really turned things around for a while. But overall I've never heard a singer so capable of making me cringe live.
I'll agree that Dickinson has dropped off a bit on his range as well. The reason I mentioned it for Dio and not him is because I felt that Dio being in his late 60s and still doing well was more impressive. The reason I say Bruce's voice has never been done better is because that voice represents all that is metal to me and it fits the metal image perfectly.

I'll agree with you on LaBrie he is horribly inconsistant live. I'm not sure if it's studio magic or the option of being able to do multiple takes but he's always sounded great on CD. Which leads me to believe he can still do it vocally. But the shorter sets that DT does live now and dropping the whole "evening with" format leads me to believe that at least live he's deffinately not what he used to be.
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