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Bruce Dickinson- Iron Maiden. If it's ever been done better I haven't heard it.

Ronnie James Dio- Rainbow/Dio/Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell. Same reason as Dickinson plus while his voice isn't what it once was he's still going out there and delivering quality live vocal performances at age 67!

Mathew Barlow- Iced Earth. Great power and good range can get his voice to go low or high.

Warrel Dane- Nevermore. Classically trained singer with a wide range of vocal ability. Can hit both low and high notes equally as good.

Geddy Lee- Rush. Underatted as a vocalists especially once he started to learn how to sing in the 80s. At age 57 can still deliever quality vocal performances consistanly live and in the studio.

Geoff Tate- Queensryche. One of the best singers ever period. He can get his voice to sing at any range.

Rob Halford- Judas Priest. Don't feel I need to give a reason here.

James Labrie- Dream Theater. One of the best around his ability to hit certian notes and hold them is something rare that you don't hear to often anymore.

Mike Patton- Faith No More. One of the most unique and innovative vocalists ever. His voice is truley one of a kind and he always has done, and hopefully will continue to do vocal styling's that influence and impress future generations of music lovers.

King Diamond- Mercyful Fate/King Diamond. Just always been a favorite of mine. His falsetto is classic and his lower creepy voice gives me chills. It just fits so well with his music and stories he writes for his albums.

I'll post my guitarists later once i have a chance to figure them out.
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