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Arch Enemy -- Hollywood, CA -- February 9th, 2010

Forced To Rock
Diamond For Disease
We Are The Nightmare
Promise of Never
Face of My Innocence

Exodus (thx to andrew_metalhead)
1. Bonded By Blood
2. Iconoclasm
3. A Lesson In Violence
4. Children Of A Worthless God
5. Piranha
6. Dethamphetamine
7. Blacklist
8. The Toxic Waltz
9.War Is My Shepherd
10.Strike Of The Beast

Arch Enemy
Intro (tape)
The Immortal
Revolution Begins
Taking Back My Soul
My Apocolypse
Silent Wars
Drum Solo
I Will Live Again
Dead Eyes See No Future
Bury Me An Angel
Chris Guitar Solo
Michael Guitar Solo
Dead Bury Their Dead
We Will Rise
Fields of Desolation (outro)

all bands were amazing. i got there just as Mutiny Within finished. Arsis comes on and gets a pretty good crowd reaction. there were some decent pits for them. they were great and it was awesome finally seeing them after they've cancelled all the times i wanted to see them. not a fan of Exodus but they were ace. the crowd loved them and there were some pretty good pits for them. their setlist was probably the same as other dates as i did recognize a lot of songs played from previous setlist. the last song featured a wall of death. after waiting for a good while Arch Enemy finally hits the stage and the crowd is loving them. Angela was looking really good tonight. the pit was dead for the first 2 songs but Ravenous got the pit going. after awhile the pit became full of drunken douchebags who'd push everyone around but get angry when they were shoved. but then after awhile it got active again. a lot of people at this show were wasted. for a tuesday night the house of blues looked like it was packed to it's capacity but i don't think it was sold out. overall this show was amazing. this was my first time seeing all 3 bands and i'd definently want to see all these bands again.
1.19 Nightwish
2.4 August Burns Red
2.13 Bodom
2.17 Machine Head
2.18 Symphony X

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