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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
That's two for two in the department.
Very true, sir - and very accurate to form, I might add. Monsieur Mankvill's post is really quite the work of art, I must say. Note the liberal use of acronyms, which the youth of today employ generously in order to increase the speed at which they can text. Also note the conscious omission of sentence breaks - or indeed, any punctuation whatsoever - a technique which is also applied for basically the same reason. In addition, notice the absence of proper capitalization - after all, pressing the "shift" button requires extra keystrokes which are not essential to a good scenester post. Finally, note the general tone of the paragraph - heavy on the chest-beating metaphors, insults to the reader (as well as belittling others to bolster the writer's own wavering self-esteem), and generally rebellious attitude. Oh, and the intentional misspellings are the coup de grace - they just seem to scream, "I don't care about proper spelling - screw society and your RULES!"

Bravo, old chap - bravo. Well done, indeed. You truly are in touch with the youth of today. Might we trouble you to interpret for us from time to time? Some of the posts from the young scenesters on this board are getting frightfully difficult to discern - your periodic assistance would be most welcome. Again - kudos, Sir Mankvill!
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