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Animals as Leaders -- Hollywood, CA -- February 7th, 2010

Alright so basically I don't know where to begin... Got to the show at around like 7 and realized that there were gonna be like 4 terrible bands playing before Periphery and that sucks. So I bought a shirt and a Veil of Maya poster that I had all of Periphery and Animals as Leaders sign. But ya so moving on, the show starts to get badass when Periphery takes the stage and they do not disappoint, even though the singer was sick at the moment.
It is great to see a band with 3 guitarists that actually needs it. They will be a very big band in the future so listen for them. Bulb is a badass and check him out and you will know whats up.


Icarus Lives
The Walk

And then Circle of Contempt came on stage and even though you could tell that they were all very talented musicians, they lacked substance and style. Way too all over the place. But not bad by any stretch, just not my cup of tea.

Now moving on to Animals as Leaders. I have been a huge fan of Tosin Abasi's guitar abilities for some time now. He is basically every guitar player I love wrapped into one. From Meshuggah to Mahavishnu he has it all. From the moment he took the stage to tune his guitar you knew this show was gonna be special. And man did he not disappoint. Wow him and his band were great. They shredded through the 30 minute set like true masters. Pretty much one of the best shows I have ever seen of like 200 plus shows. He is that good. Even though the other guitar player was having trouble with his tuner they still put on one hell of a good show. Next time you get a chance to see them don't miss it. They are like a religious experience!

Animals as Leaders:

Tempting Time
Thoroughly at Home
On Impulse
Modern Meat

After that Veil of Maya came on and I could not have been less interested. They were good musicians and all and I can tell that they were a tight live band, but after Animals as Leaders I could care less. So I spent the time getting a picTure with Tosin and then took off. I know that they opened up with Crawl Back, but that is all I know.

All in all epic show. I will never miss Animals as Leaders ever. They are the best hope for modern music, not just metal but music in general. That is all.
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