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Originally Posted by Metal_Head View Post
This is just metal bands, I included my 3 favorite hardcore bands at the end of the list though. Nobody here's gonna like this list, and it changes all the time.

1. Whitechapel
2. All That Remains
3. Suicide Silence
4. The World We Knew
5. Winds of Plague
6. Slipknot
7. For Today
8. Killswitch Engage
9. Bury Your Dead
10. Hatebreed
11. Carnifex
12. Lamb of God
13. Chimaira
14. Five Finger Death Punch
15. Job for a Cowboy
16. Metallica
17. Slayer
18. Mastodon

19. As I Lay Dying
20. Disturbed
21. Mudvayne
22. Stray From the Path
23. Revenge
24. Trapped Under Ice
25. Word For Word

Made this list off the top of my head, I'm sure I'm forgetting some bands.
You should be aware that a fellow representing the folks in Items #16 through 18 on your list just phoned.
He not-so-respectfully informed me that the bands in question require you to remove them from this list immediately.

...and before you even get started - don't bitch at me...I'm just delivering the message.
9/2 Chelsea Wolfe
9/5 Old Man Gloom
10/28 Acid King
11/13 Windhand
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