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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
No Priest setlist from before they recorded Painkiller can ever be the best of all time.
Maybe / maybe not, but this is still pretty fucking great. I still wish to hell I'd seen this tour back then - I remember really wanting to go, but I can't remember why it wasn't an option for me. I'd give anything to have a time machine for shit like this.

Originally Posted by JRA View Post
There is precisely one thing wrong with this set: The lame "I'm a Rocker." It should have been switched with Monster of Rock or Blood Red Skies.
I think I'd have to agree - but you also have to realize, "I'm a Rocker" is pretty much an anthem, and that kind of shit was really popular back then - there was a radio station called Z-Rock out of somewhere in Texas back then, and it was syndicated in Cleveland, and they actually used to play that song on "mainstream" radio once in a while. I do like your other two choices better, though - especially "Blood Red Skies". That one was teh jam.
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