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Arrow Amorphis -- Farmindale, NY -- March 30th, 2005

Against Widows
The Castaway
Goddess (Of The Sad Man)
Far From The Sun
On Rich And Poor
Drowned Maid
Summer's End
Day Of Your Beliefs
Sign From The North Side
My Kantele
Black Winter Day

A good show again. Same set list as 10 days ago. A LOT less people than 10 days ago in NYC. Still very enjoyable as the boys put their hearts into it. I was front row again but on Tomi's side this time. Bouville, there was no singing with Tomi this night. He did not share the mic with anyone, even though I sang along to most of everything.

I talked with everyone afterwards and got soime things signed. They are very nice guys. They plan to come BACK late this year or early next year.
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