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ok, it goes like this for me ...

1 Iron Maiden (no one has ever been close of taking their throne since I first heard the Number Of The Beast album back in 1983)
2 Pink Floyd (another kind of mood but they are alone in that stoner department)
3 Slayer (talk about stay true to your roots I love their violence)
4 Children Of Bodom (the new young kings of metal with a lead man really carismatic & unique genre of death\thrash\melodic metal)
5 Amon Amarth (Viking Power !)
6 System Of A Down ( unique genre also I love them)
7 Black Sabbath (mainly the begining Ozzy years but also with Dio)
8 Metallica (they are there just for the amazing 1983-1990 era)
9 Venom
10 Offenbach (an old Quebec rock and roll band of the 80's)
11 Pantera (RIP Dime)
12 Led Zeppelin (RIP John)
13 Megadeth ( The guy has talent, no question about it)
14 Dio (I almost don't listen to him anymore too bad, I saw him 10 times solo)
15 Sepultura ( the Max albums)
16 Bruce Dickinson
17 Pearl Jam ( I got hook on them at the begining of the grunge style early 90's , saw them 5 or 6 times)
18 Accept
19 Bob Marley
20 Iced Earth ( up until Matt first left the band, they are horrible since then with the exeption of a few songs like Gettysburgh)
21 Alice In Chains (RIP Layne)
22 B L A Z E
23 Rage Against The Machine (also pretty unique)
24 Kreator
25 Ozzy Osbourne

Cheers !
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