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Oh boy this will be a bit tough as I love many bands, I think my top 10 is pretty accurate, they rest changes all the time.

1. AC/DC (got me into rock/metal, always will have a special place for me)
2. Slayer (well look at my name...)
3. Megadeth
4. Death/Control Denied/Mantas
5. Exodus
6. Celtic Frost/Hellhammer
7. Mayhem
8. Immortal
9. Amon Amarth
10. Skeletonwitch
11. Municipal Waste
12. Iron Maiden
13. Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell
14. Warbringer
15. Evile
16. Morbid Angel
17. Anaal Nathrakh
18. Burzum
19. Judas Priest
20. Sodom
21. Motorhead
22. Children of Bodom
23. Blind Guardian
24. Bathory
25. Bolt Thrower

Crap, looking at this now I'm not so sure about this list ha, oh well itll do for now
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