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I don't know guys, I think it kinda rocks. It's different - I'll give you that. I call it "Arsis's Tribute to Thrash"'s very much a thrash album in many places (especially the tracks you guys had mixed feeling about, like "Forced to Rock"), but you have to admit - nobody makes thrash sound like this except Arsis. This is technical thrash - if there is such a thing (well if there wasn't - there is now!).

At first, I liked "Beyond Forlorn" but hated "Forced to Rock", same as idrinkwine732, when Arsis had posted them on their MySpace page. Now, not only has the thrash aspect of the album grown on me, but so has "Forced to Rock". It sounds like something Exodus would do (back in the day - not in recent years).

There's just something about Arsis - and James Malone in particular - that alows them to make very technical music that has a real flow to's a pretty rare thing, really. Necrophagist has it, too. Origin...somewhat (the awesome riffs save them from mediocrity, not necessarily a sense of flow).

I think it's a really good album - one I expect some Arsis fans to have some difficulty with, admittedly - but a very good album nevertheless. One of Arsis's worst? I don't know about that. I would have to listen more. Even if it is, they only have a limited amount of material to compare to anyway, and so far I would say they haven't released anything that even comes close to sucking, so fuckin' yay Arsis.

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