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Originally Posted by Hyperfluxe View Post
the dude from Exodus threw beer on me by accident while aiming for someone behind me, who said "Ranger suck!". That's New York's hockey team by the way, and the vocalist was wearing a jersey.
Rob wore that shirt for our show, and the one the night before, and I'm pretty sure during a few sets on this tour. I would not want to smell him.

Originally Posted by Hyperfluxe View Post
I talked with James Malone of Arsis, who I really wanted to talk with. He signed a CD that I bought (limited to 1000), and we talked about this music. I asked him if they were ever going to go back to the style and sound of A Celebration of God, to which he responded that they are not capable of because James is too old . He said that he was 19 when he made that masterpiece, and he just can't reproduce that sound anymore.
(That's A Celebration of Guilt... unless you quirky Canadians got a diff title)

Aw man! I mean, I kind of knew that we were never going to get ACoG back, but I had hope. Now that I've heard it straight from James, I'm really bummed. Too old is a weird excuse... he's, what, in his mid to late 20s? Why couldn't he just say that his musical tastes have changed?

In other Arsis news, their new CD is being sold at Hot Topic
blah/blah - shows. I go to them.
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