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Arch Enemy -- Calgary, AB -- February 2nd, 2010

Arch Enemy
Intro (tape)
The Immortal
Revolution Begins
Taking Back My Soul
My Apocalypse
Silent Wars
Drum Solo
I Will Live Again
Dead Eyes See No Future
Bury Me An Angel
Chris guitar solo
Michael Guitar Solo
Dead Bury Their Dead
We Will Rise

They did not play Blood On Your Hands and Fields Of Desolation for unkown reasons.

Bonded By Blood
A Lesson In Violence
Children Of A Worthless God
War Is My Shepherd
Strike Of The Beast
The Toxic Waltz
Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Forced To Rock
A March For The Sick
A Diamond For Disease
We Are The Nightmare
The Sadistic Movements Behind Bereavement Letters
The Promise Of Never
The Face Of My Innocence

Mutiny Within
Year Of Affliction

Overall, this show was amazing. Mutiny Within were a good opener, Arsis were great but their sound was off (we couldn't hear the solos, and they got booed during the WATN solo because we couldn't hear it, and it's a fan favorite). Exodus tore the place up, they were amazing, easily my favorite band of the night, and it was Paul Baloff's 8th year death anniversary, which resulted in a massive pit and wall of death in remembrance for him. Arch Enemy were great, they put on a good show, but they didn't play BOYH and FOD, which are my favorite songs. My neck hurts from headbanging, my chest hurts for being on the front rail and getting pushed, and the dude from Exodus threw beer on me by accident while aiming for someone behind me, who said "Ranger suck!". That's New York's hockey team by the way, and the vocalist was wearing a jersey. He gave me a guitar pick and set list though to make up for it, and he apologized to me after the show LOL. I talked with James Malone of Arsis, who I really wanted to talk with. He signed a CD that I bought (limited to 1000), and we talked about this music. I asked him if they were ever going to go back to the style and sound of A Celebration of God, to which he responded that they are not capable of because James is too old . He said that he was 19 when he made that masterpiece, and he just can't reproduce that sound anymore. I told him straight up that I hated We Are The Nightmare because it was technical just for the sake of being technical, and he agree with me and the whole band agreed that the album was complete shit . That's pretty much it, it was an awesome show, with LOTS of hot Calgarian chicks (there was a chick who flashed her boobs behind me haha).
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