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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
The only thing I can come up with as a reply to that is, for some reason the band thinks that everyone except the North American fans are worthy and deserving of the better set lists!
I can't come up with a reason better than that one myself. I've always thought this was the case and it's pretty fucked up if it's true. Without the North American audience they wouldn't be at the level they're at now.

I don't really understand how American audiences wouldn't be "worthy" of such good sets look at their album sales here:

KEA-3 million
RTL- 5 million
MOP- 6 million
AJFA- 8 million
TBA- 15 million
Load - 5 million
Reload- 3 million
St. Anger- 2 million(this is one of the biggest pieces of shit i've ever hear and it still sold well)
DM- Platinum

So Metllica really needs to re-think some shit if they don't believe their audiences here deserve sets like the ones they do outside of NA.
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