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i'll give my take on this album.

Shadow in our Blood- To me this song just has a dark atmosphere with a heavy riff, but the chorus isn't great and it doesn't really stand out. Good solo, but i can't get into this song. 6/10

Dream Oblivion- Definitely something new. Big focus on keyboards, still dark sounding but very catchy. I just don't like the palm muting and the guitar is not something i love in this. Still okay. 7/10

The Fatalist- Starts off with a sick intro, the keys are haunting and the riff is perfect. Love the chorus as well, and both the solos are a great fit. Awesome song. 10/10

In My Absence- Solid riff, Great chorus, and the two parts where it slows down are a great addition. Very very good song. 9/10

The Grandest Accusation- Amazing. Good keys, great riff, perfect mix between aggression and melody. Clean vocals are outstanding and the solo is as well. DT at its finest. 10/10

At The Point of Ignition- This is like the focus shift of this album to me. A Catchy song, but I think the keyboards are overpowering i'm not a huge fan of the verse riff. Still a good song. 7/10

Her Silent Language- The equivalent of Misery's Crown for this album, but better. Clean vocals are perfect, and the riff is great throughout. Also the 2 times it breaks out into the mini solo's (idk what to call them) are amazing. 10/10

Arkhangelsk- I'm not too big on this song like some people are. Yeah the synth is good but I don't really love the riff or the chrous. Pretty solid solo. 6/10

I Am The Void- Like no other song on this album. Breaks out into a complete thrash riff, catchy chorus, fast thrashy but yet melodic solo. Makes a nice addition to the album. 8/10

Surface the Infinite- Good riff, but the chrous is what makes the song. A very solid, typical DT song. 9/10.

Iridium- A lot of people are saying this is the best closer DT has done, but I just can't call it that. To me it would be hard for anything to beat My Negation, and The Mundane and the Magic was great as well. However, this song does have a very haunting atmosphere and both the clean and growled vocals deliver. Powerful Chorus, but the song just gets repetitive to me. Its still a very very good song, but I can't put it on the level of My Negation. 8/10

The Fatalist, The Grandest Accusation, Her Silent Language, and In My Absence are clearly the high points to me. I see Dream Oblivion and At The Point of Ignition being the catchy tour songs for this album, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Fatalist gets a music video, just seems like it would fit.

The album is a good follow up to Fiction, and I would put it on right about the same level. I'm not calling it better, but being on the same level of Fiction is something to be extremely happy about. The new styles in some songs worked out great, and there is really something for everyone on this album. DT still delivers with consistency like no other melodic death metal band in my opinion.
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