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Originally Posted by Hyperfluxe View Post
What was the Arsis setlist?
Unfortunately, I never got into Arisis before the show, so I don't know any of their songs. They were solid live though!

Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Great Exodus Setlist! I'm surprised they don't play Riot Act though. That's a great song and I think they made a video for it
Definitely a solid set! Riot Act would have been a nice addition, or even Shovel Headed Kill Machine, as other shows had that one. Either way, I was very pleased with the song choices. Hopefully, they will change it up a bit the next time around.

I've been to so many shows throughout the years, but I don't ever remember a band moving a crowd as they did with Deathamphetamine and The Toxic Waltz. Pure chaos!

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