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This was a pretty cool show. Only problem was there were quite a few faggots in attendance. BTBAM is one of those bands with a very gay fanbase, unfortunately. I know they have fans that aren't fags, but there were a lot of people there I don't normally see at major metal shows in the area, meaning they probably don't listen to or care enough about other metal, or they group BTBAM in with metalcore like a lot of people do. For example, while waiting in line outside (which was way too fucking long, btw), some asshole was like "I've never heard of any of these opening bands...they probably suck". But, Devin Townsend was the highlight for me. Cynic was awesome too. Scale the Summit was very refreshing. In fact, I think BTBAM was the band I enjoyed least, even though I do like them, and they put on a great show.
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