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yes that was a fucking amazing show. I was interested to see how Behemoth would play in such a small club, but they had the entire place feeding out of their hands.

I was actually very impressed by Thy Will Be Done, i think they're boring as shit on their albums but live they were pretty fucking good. Finally seeing Suffocation pretty much made the night for me, and they had the craziest fucking pits.

DevilDriver was great, even though the one shirt i wanted to get was only in small, so i got it for my gf lol. their set was the same as the past few shows. They never fucking disappoint though.

I have to say, The Crazy Donkey has become one of my favorite venues, but they need to get their act together on the soundboard. Friday night I saw Life of Agony, and I was talking to Joey Z on the phone the next day and he said the whole band had such horrible sound on the stage, like completely lacking of side fills. I didn't have plugs that night so I can't comment.

But DevilDriver sounded like shit, and they had feedback problems that plagued them for the first few songs. i'm not sure what exactly was the problem with their sound, but they were flat as shit. The band was perfect though.

Also, i can't believe I missed meeting all those fucking people! Brian Slagel?? Fuck man, I was by the side bar the whole time, but I guess i should've mingled more.
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