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Between the Buried and Me -- Philadelphia, PA -- January 31st, 2010

Arrived during Cynic's set. Their music sounded decent, but they talked about yoga and meditation between songs which made them sound like douchebags.

BTBAM was at the top of their game. There were intermittent sound problems during their set, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the show. Setlist was the same as the rest of the tour. The crowd sang Happy Birthday to Dusty before White Walls.

Disease, Injury, Madness
More of Myself to Kill
Ants of the Sky
Swim to the Moon
White Walls

Not surprisingly, Mike Portnoy (drummer from Dream Theater) was in attendance. He was sitting prominently in the balcony VIP section and a few people on the floor were waving and taking pictures in between Cynic and BTBAM.

Also, the show was sold out and quite packed. I've been to the Troc a few times but never seen it this full.

They were running a bit late though. Cynic finished around 8:55 and BTBAM started at about 9:25.
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