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Exodus -- St. Paul, MN -- January 30th, 2010

Tour: Tyrants of Evil
Headliner: Arch Enemy
Support: Nuisance, Mutiny Within, Arsis, & Exodus
Venue: The Rock, Maplewood, MN
Date: January 30, 2010

It has been a while since I've seen an Exodus set list thread here, so I decided to break this show out a bit.

I made it to the venue right before Arsis took the stage, so I missed Nuisance and Mutiny Within. I don't care much for the vocals, so I don't have much of a positive opinion on Arsis. They were heavy and the crowd was totally into them. I can't complain on vocals too much, as I listen to Carcass and Napalm Death almost on a daily basis. Just personal preference there.

Exodus took the stage and immediately tore the place up! The crowd was a bit laid back during the first few songs, but during Deathamphetamine, the place just went nuts. I gained a few bruises, but also took the rail during this song (plus stayed there the rest of the evening, of course). The set list was one of the best ones that I have personally heard from them live.

Tom just got a new drum kit and played it for the first time live during this gig. They stated that this was his first new kit in 20 years. We were treated to a brief drum solo, which was cool.

My favorite song of the evening was The Toxic Waltz. The last time that I heard this one live was back in 1989. Damn, I am starting to sound old here. Regardless, my neck is sore as hell today from this one. After the song, Lee Altus leaned over and put his guitar pick right in my hand. He could tell that I loved the hell out of that song!

Exodus has been one of my favorite thrash bands since the 80s, and each time I see them, it just gets better!

Bonded By Blood
A Lesson In Violence
Children of a Worthless God
Drum Solo
War is My Shepherd
The Toxic Waltz
Strike of the Beast
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