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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I love Machine Head and that's the best set we've seen in years but how in the fuck can they play all those songs and not play Now I Lay Thee Down?

That was my favorite song of 2008 and one of their 3 best songs to me.

Ten Ton Hammer, Take My Scars, A Thousand Lies, Death Church, Blood for Blood & Block are all better than 80% of those songs too but I'd still be happy to see that show.

Whoever said Blackening is their only good album needs a serious education in good music STAT! It's their best album but not their only good one. Burn My Eyes is a masterpiece from start to finish.
I was actually fortunate enough to see them play Now I Lay Thee Down when they opened for Heaven and Hell in '07. I've seen 'em 5 times, but I've still never seen them headline =/ (Unless you count the Black Tyranny tour, but they only played 8 songs...)
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