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Metallic Sampler Tour Take 2

Just looked at my old Metallica Sampler Tour posting...

I'd like to withdraw and re-post.

I actually had a dream the other night that I got in a fight with Lars over a scene in Day of the Dead and then when he went onstage to play with the band, he made me get out there with a white Jackson guitar and play the solos to all their songs and I didn't know them.

Then he got on the microphone and said they were gonna play a new song they just wrote and he went backstage and played that Black Heart song that everyone thought was Slipknot before Iowa came out over the loud speakers as the rest of the band pretended to play onstage.

Price: $15, no service fees, not affiliated with LiveNation

The Metallic Sampler Tour
Death Magnetic
1. That Was Just Your Life
2. All Nightmare Long
3. The Judas Kiss
4. The Unnamed Feeling
5. Some Kind of Monster
6. Sweet Amber
Garage Inc.
7. Am I Evil?
8. Mercyful Fate
9. Too Late, Too Late
10. The Memory Remains
11. Better Than You
12. Fuel
13. The Outlaw Torn
14. Until it Sleeps
15. King Nothing
16. Don’t Tread on Me
17. The Struggle Within
18. Of Wolf and Man
…And Justice for All
19. Blackened
20. Eye of the Beholder
21. One
Master of Puppets
22. Damage Inc.
23. Master of Puppets
24. Orion

Encore 1
Ride the Lightning
25. For Whom the Bell Tolls
26. Creeping Death
27. Fight Fire With Fire
Encore 2
Kill ‘Em All
28. Motorbreath
29. Seek and Destroy
30. The Four Horsemen

Pleasing Every Metallicock and Metallicunt in Every Country!
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