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Originally Posted by Chyck View Post
I think I was, like, two people to your right (to the right of the facepaint guy). I totally had to check returntothepit to find you. I've def seen you at shows. Heck, I've been beaten by your hair...
Haha, yeah, I go to a LOT of shows...I'm actually very glad I'm not making any in February, this month has been absolutely exhausting. My hair does that though, I'm usually pretty relaxed unless it's a band I really want to see.

Oops - fixed! And I can't argue with you on DD. I really like them, but I know they're not for everyone. I have to admit I was surprised that they followed Behemoth, too - but then again, I'm still reeling as to how Hatebreed could headline for Cannibal Corpse for an entire tour.
I think it has to do with a few things, Behemoth was playing a fairly short set during this tour, even for a headliner, I'm pretty sure the only real difference some of the other cities got was Christians to the Lions, and MAYBE something else.
On Cannibal Corpse, I completely agree with you, I'd love to see a CC headlining tour. I remember watching an interview with George saying that he actually prefers support slots since he feels he can put more energy into the setlist. I guess it depends on the band.

When in the list?
I'm pretty sure it was either after As Above So Below, or Slaves Shall Serve. Though some other setlists say after Conquer All, which wouldn't surprise me either. I know it was around then.
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